Other Important Orders - 2017

Order No. Subject Date
D2(b)55912/2017/EC Awarded Good Service Entry for their outstanding performance to to arrest the accused in Cr.No.1246/17 of ET North PS 11.08.2017
A5-13942/2017/KoR Awarded Good Service Entry to CI Puthencruz Sri. A.L.Yesudas for his active intervention in conducting events like 50 days 100 ponds and issues related to Malankara Church dispute 11.08.2017
DO 376/2017 General Transfer of WCPOs-2017 26.05.2017
DO 375/2017 General Transfer of SCPOs-2017 26.05.2017
DO 374/2017 General Transfer of CPOs-2017 26.05.2017
GO(MS) 8/2017 Chief Minister's Medal Winners-2017 25.01.2017