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Earlier, the Kothamangalam Police Station has vast area of jurisdiction over seven villages covering. comparatively a large population, considering the incidence of Crime, Law and Order problems, area, population and the conveniences of the public it is found necessary to bifurcate the Kothamangalam Police Station and to open a new police station at Unnukal. Accordingly Unnukal Police Station was opened and functioned Vide G.O (Rt) 1733/1978, Home dtd 25 08 1978. The police station was inaugurated by the Hon’ Home Minister Sri. P.J.Joseph on 27 08 1978. Then the station was opened and functioned in the rented building No. KP III/159 of Kavalangadu Panchayath in Sy. No.732/II in Kuttamangalam Village. Now the station is functioning a new building in Sy. No. 256/14-8,7 comprising the area of 4 Acre and 27 cents in Kuttamangalam Village No. KP V/116 since 01 03 1987 vide GO (Rt) 293/87/Home Dtd. 07 02 1987. Now the maintenance work of the police station is going on and is in the final stage.

This Police Station is coming under the jurisdiction of Muvattupuzha Sub Division.

Photo of Unnukal Police Station

Jurisdiction Details

The Unnukal station is come under the jurisdiction of Kothamangalam Circle and Muvattupuzha Sub division. The station is situated 10 km away from Kothamangalam Town and 62 km away from famous tourist place Munnar. Unnukal town situated in the eastern side of the police station by .5 KM. It is situated in the nearby side of Kochi-Dhanushkodi National Highway ( NH 49 )

Border Police Stations

Unnukal Police Station Jurisdiction border comes Eastern side Adimaly and Karimanal (Idukki District), northern side Kuttampuzha PS, western side Kothamangalam and southern side Pothanicadu Police Station

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court II Kothamangalam & Sub Divisional magistrate Court Muvattupuzha

Parliament Constituency

Unnukal Police station limit comes under Idukki Parliament Constituency and in Legislative Assemblies of Kothamangalam.


  • Kavalangadu
  • Pallarimangalam


  • Kuttamangalam
  • Neriamangalam

Important establishments and institutions

  • Govt.PHC,Neriamangalam
  • GOVT. Homeo Hospital,Neriamangalam
  • Govt.Ayurveda Hospital,Nellimattom
  • Homeo Hospital,Manikkinar
  • Govt. PHC Neriamangalam
  • Village office, Nellimattom
  • District Agricultural Farm, Neriamangalam
  • Panchayath Office, Kavalangadu
  • Telephone Exchange, Nellimattom
  • Rubber Board Nursery, Neriamangalam ( Central Govt)
  • Forest Checking office, Thalacod
  • Animal Husbandary Sub Station, Unnukal
  • Post office, Neriamangalam
  • Post office, Unnukal
  • Post office, Nellimattom
  • Post office, Pareekkanni
  • Post office, Neendapara
  • Post office, Perumannoor
  • Post office, Manikkinar
  • Forest Check Post, Perekkuthu
  • Forest Check Post, Chullikandam
  • Homeo Hostpiatal, Manikkinar, Parimattom
  • Telephone Exchange, Unnukal
  • Kerala Water Authority Pump House, Avolichal
  • Forest Timber Dipo, Thalacod
  • Govt. Homeo Hospital, Neriamangalam
  • VEO Office, Neriamangalam
  • Coconut Development office, Neriamangalam
  • Agricultural Offfice, Nellimattom
  • Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Nellimattom
  • Village office, Neriamangalam
  • Govt. High School, Neriamangalam
  • Govt. VHSS, Neriamangalam
  • Govt. VHSE Neriamangalam
  • Govt, UPS Neriamangalam
  • Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayam, Neriamangalam
  • Govt. UPS, Thalacod
  • Govt. LPS, Manimaruthumchal
  • Govt. Harijan Welfare UPS, Neriamangalam
  • Govt.UPS,Paimattom
  • Govt.LPS,Thalakode
  • MBITS College,Nellimattom
  • Govt. High School, Neriamangalam
  • Govt. VHSS, Neriamangalam
  • Govt. VHSE Neriamangalam
  • Govt, UPS Neriamangalam
  • Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayam, Neriamangalam
  • Govt. UPS, Thalacod
  • Govt. LPS, Manimaruthumchal
  • Govt. Harijan Welfare UPS, Neriamangalam
  • Govt.UPS,Paimattom
  • Govt.LPS,Thalakode
  • SLMC.LPS,Kavalangadu
  • St.Johns LPS,Nellimattom
  • St.Johns UPS,Nellimattom
  • Little Flower HS,Unnukal
  • Little Flower LPS,Unnukal
  • LPS, Valachira
  • Saraswathy Sisu Mandiram LPS,Neriamangalam
  • ST.Joseph UP School,Neendapara
  • High Range Public School,Unnukal
  • BPM LP School,Perumannoor
  • State Bank of India, Neriamangalam
  • State Bank of India, Nellimattom
  • Union Bank, Neriamangalam
  • Federal Bank, Unnukal
  • Service Co-Operative Society, Kavalangadu
  • Service Co-Operative Society, (Br) Paimattom
  • Service Co-Operative Society, (Br), Neriamangalam
  • Service Co-Operative Society, (Br) Puthancruz
  • Service Co-Operative Society, Unnukal
  • Service Co-Operative Society (Br) Uppukulam
  • Service Co-Operative Society (Br) Perumannoor
  • Service Co-Operative Society (Br) Nellimattom Colonypady
  • Muthoot Fin Corp, Neriamangalam
  • Mini Muthoot, Neriamangalam

Major Hindu Temples

  • Eaniyekkavu Bhagavathy Temple, Maramangalam
  • SNDP Temple, Kurumkulam
  • Sree Dharama Sastha Temple, Neriamangalam.
  • Plankunnu Bhagavathy Temple, Avolichal
  • Thalippara Bhagavathy Temple, Thalacod
  • Varikkattu Bhagavathy Temple, Neriamangalam
  • Bhagavathy Temple, Chempankuzhi
  • Sree Ganapathy Temple, Neendapara
  • Bhagavathy Temple, Ambikapuram, Allungal


  • St. Joseph Church, Nellimattom
  • St. George Church, Maramangalam
  • St. Johns Church, Kavalangadu
  • St. George Church, Perumannoor
  • Little Flower Church, Unnukal
  • St. Marys Church, Thalacod
  • St. Marys Church, Ambikapuram
  • St. Joseph Chruch, Neiriamangalam
  • St. Marys Jacobite Church, Neriamangalam
  • St. Johns Church, Chempankuzhy
  • St. Marys Chruch, Neendapara
  • St. Sebastians Church, Puliyanpara
  • St. Sebastians Church, Pareekkanni
  • Our Lady Mount Carmel Church, Kavalangadu
  • St. Marys Jacobite Church, Namboorikkoop
  • St. Marys Chruch, Puthancruz
  • St. George Jacobite Syrian Church, Pareekkanni.


  • Juma Masjid, Nellimattom
  • Salafy Juma Masjid, Paimattom
  • Irshadul Islam Madhrasa, Thaikkavu
  • Rifayil Juma Masjid, Kavalangadu
  • Central Masjid, Unnukal
  • Muslim Juma Masjid, Thencod
  • Muhayudheen Juma Masjid, Neriamangalam
  • Masavul Anwar Madrassa, Manimaruthumchal
  • Juma Masjid, Kannadikkodu
  • Macca Masjid, Manikkinar

Names of Colony

  • Ambedkar colony,
  • Vellappara,
  • Chempankuzhi,
  • Kavalangadu,
  • Puthancruz,
  • Manimaruthumchal,
  • Pothukuzhi,
  • Nedumpara,
  • Pareekkanni,
  • Namboorikkoop,
  • 46 Acre Neriamangalam,
  • Perumannoor,
  • Neriamangalam,
  • Thalacod,
  • Kattattukulam etc

Transportation -Main Road

Kochi-Dhanushkodi NH 49 and Sabarimala-Kodaikkanal SH 44 are passing through the station limit. .

Neriamangalam Town Bus stand is situated in the station limit. The service buses towards high range areas like Munnar and Idukki,Kumali etc. places are passing through this bus stand.

Rivers, Streams and Main Cultivations

The famous Periyar river and Kaliyar river are passing through the station limit. .

Projects through this police station

Janamythri Suraksha project

With the help and participation of public Janmythri project is being implementing successfully in Unnukal Police Station. Under the leadership of Community Relations Officer ,10 janamythri beats are functioning at Unnukal Police Station.

All the Janamythri suraksha project activities are controlled by Janamythri Samithy having prominent personalities of this locality as its members who were selected by Inspector of Police and approved by District Police Chief.

Women Help Desk

Women help desk is constituted with the aim of giving assistance in a friendly manner to the women who seek police services. Women help desk provides a huge relief to women who approach the police station for help.

Senior Citizen Help Desk

An elder friendly officer is giving aid to senior citizens in the station limit.

Clean Campus Safe Campus

The Clean Campus Safe Campus program by government of Kerala is effectively implementing in all most all schools functioning under this PS limits. The goal of ‘Clean Campus Safe Campus’ is to prevent consuming of injurious/psychotropic drug substances by students and the effective implementation of the program could achieve the goal to a great extent.

Sanctioned Strength of Unnukal Police Station
Sub Inspector Asst.Sub Inspector Senior Civil Police Officer Women Senior Civil Police Officer Civil Police Officer Women Civil Police Officer
1 1 6 0 19 3