Aluva Circle

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Prior to 01-08-2002 SHO of Aluva police Station was Circle Inspector. AS per GO (MS) No: 105/02/Home dated 06.07.2002 Inspector – SHO Stations were converted to Sub-Inspector Station and re-organized the Police Circles. As such Aluva Police Circle was re-organized, consisting Aluva and Binanipuram Police Stations. Later, Aluva Police Station is bifurcated as Aluva East Police Station and Aluva West Police Station and it started functioning on 06.09.2010. During 2015, Aluva East PS is again divided in to two, another one, Edathala PS has opened. Except the above Police Stations, Traffic Unit, Control Room are also coming under Aluva Circle. This Circle is under Aluva Sub Division in Ernakulam Rural District. CI office is functioning in a newly constructed building near Traffic Unit, Aluva from 10-06-2007.All the Police Stations and Units are functioning in Govt: building except Aluva West Police station. It is functioning in Alangad block Panchayath Building.

The Police Stations under Aluva Circle are Aluva East , Aluva West, Binanipuram, Edathala,

This Circle is coming under the jurisdiction of Aluva Sub Division.

Office of the Aluva Circle

Loksabha and Legislative constituency

  • Ernakulam Loksabha Constituency
  • Aluva Legislative Constituency