The Traffic Club is formed by the Ernakulam Rural Police, to keep constant touch and good relationship for preventing traffic accidents and to prevent crimes like chain snatching etc with the help of Auto Rickshaw drivers, Taxi drivers, Auto Taxi drivers, shop owners and members of Residence Associations of localities of the entire Police District from September 2016 onwards. Training and Duty Jackets for Traffic Duties has been given to the Club members.

The main object of the club is to collect vital information regarding traffic accidents and crimes. Inspector of Police of concerned circle and Spider Patrol Officers are contacted personally with the club members and convene a meeting in every month.

Deputy Superintendent of Narcotic Cell is designated as the Monitoring Officer of Traffic Club in Ernakulam Rural District There are 76 Traffic Clubs functioning now in all Police Circles of Ernakulam Rural District, under the leadership of 15 Spider Teams.


Ernakulam Rural Police recently launched a new project named “Gurukulam”. In this project, the officers of 15 Spider Patrolling vehicles of Rural District, approaches the school authorities of their jurisdiction on every working day and collects the details of the students, who is absent in the class. Then the Police contact the parents of the absentee, asking whether the student has come to the school or not. Thereby Police can monitor the school going students who cut classes and roam around

Through the project, the Police will keep a watch over students and take steps to prevent them from the octopus grip of drug mafia and indulging in criminal activities. The Police will inform the school authorities and parents concerned and caution them. This project also gives more help to the Police for tracking the missing child rapidly. District Spider control room monitoring this project every day.



Vision of the project is to implement holistic and integrated video surveillance system for the below mentioned nodes of ALUVA CITY Associate with Existing Cable Operators Optical Fiber Grid Network, Aluva

The system shall help

  • Support police to maintain Law and Order
  • Act as an aid to investigation
  • Improve Traffic Management
  • Help in deterring, detecting and thus dealing with criminal activities
  • Address threats from Terrorist attacks
  • Attain faster turnaround time for crime resolution and proper investigation
  • Monitoring of suspicious people, vehicles, objects etc. with respect to protecting life and property and maintaining law and order in the city
  • Continuous monitoring of some vital installations/ public places in ALUVA CITY area for keeping eye on regular activities & for disaster management support

    Typical types of Locations to be kept under surveillance are:

  • Entry and Exit points of the City
  • Entry/Exit of Rail Metro Stations
  • Traffic Junctions
  • Important Road Stretches (accident prone areas)
  • Railway Station Entry/Exit
  • Entry/Exit of Private and KSRTC Bus stand
  • Market Places


  • Providing alerts/ feedback to the Police Department about abnormal movements/ suspicious objects etc.
  • Better Management of Security breaches based on alerts received from system
  • Improved turnaround time in responding to any investigation case, faster access to evidence in case of security breach, law violation in the prescribed areas.