Red Button Public Robotic Spectrum (RBPRS)

Red Button Project- Private Bus Stand, Aluva

Red Button Public Robotic Spectrum (RBPRS) is an intelligent robotic terminal built to assist public to reach for police help 24/7 without any fear or downtime with a click of a Red Button

It is for the first time in India such intelligent robotic terminals are being installed in public places for public safety and assistances. The first Project is installed at Private Bus Stand, Aluva

This technology is provided free of cost by The Red Button Company as proof of concept without any expenses to the government. A pilot project is initiated by the Government to study the utility of these robotic terminals.

Usage of Red Button

The usage is very simple when someone presses the Red Button in the robotic spectrum the intelligent Robotic Terminal will automatically send the SOS alert displaying the exact location where the Red Button was pressed along with current multi level images captured of the location spanning an extend of 360 degree to the police control Centre and to the geo fenced mobile police vehicle present in that locational

A hotline telephone link will automatically open up for the person who presses the red button to talk to the Police Control Centre to pass on any specific informational

Red Button is a great safety empowerment for women too. Any lady or a girl in crisis can press the red button without fear of disclosing their identity or telephone numberable

Other features of Red Button

  • Red button can send multiple images of the location live in about 1 to 2 minutes
  • The images can be transmitted to the nearest geo fenced police station / police control room /police flying squad /spider vehicles through special network command centre.
  • The police station / control room / Flying squad / spider will get the SOS alert and the live images along with the location mapping onto their specially fitted Red Button Image Receiver device gadgets.
  • The whole transaction will be time stamped from the time the Red Button is pressed till the images reach all the concerned output devices
  • There is 24/7 video recording facility also
  • There is no need for anyone to remember or know any specific telephone number to dial for help
  • All the terminals are remotely manageable and can be switched on and off from remote control centre
  • These types of robotic terminals are prevalent in advanced countries but KERALA STATE is the first in INDIA to test such intelligent robotic system.

Technical Specification of Red Button

  • Totally Outdoor Unit Weather Resistant
  • Height – Total 10 Ft
  • Weight – 80 Kgs
  • Metal – Powder Quoted Body
  • Full HD IR Camera with night vision 4 Plus 1 as location requires
  • Hot Line Talking Facility , Working Temperature
  • Module Casing – IP 67
  • Transmission - Works on Media Independent Architecture
  • Installation Space – 1 Sq.Ft Only
  • Power – Works on 220 V A/C with Power Back up 4 to 6 Hrs
  • Working Temperature – 60 to 65 Degree