Spider System Ernakulam Rural

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As part of the renovation of police control room and to modernize the activities of an active police control room system, new system of police patrolling introduced as ‘SPIDER’ system in Ernakulam Rural District from March-2015

The jurisdiction of Ernakulam Rural District lies in vast area ranging from hilly areas upto the Arabian Sea. A good number of labour force including other states, are engaged in various jobs in this area, crimes and offences are increasing day by day. In order to prevent offences by swift police action, a round the clock ‘SPIDER’ system can effectively reach every nook and corner of the district with in a short span of time and to settle the matters. In view of shortage of man power in various police stations the service of ‘SPIDER’ system can rightly be used in a minimum point of time if a law and order situation formed in a specific area of the district. That means all emergency requirement of police, the spider vehicles with police officers will be available round clock.

14 Spider Vehicles of 14 Police circles were alloted in Ernakulam Rural District at starting of the Spider System. Later, from September 2015, one more spider Team was started at Kalloorkad Circle

Watsapp Phone Number of Spider Control Room - 9497980500

The ‘SPIDER’ system is introduced for effective patrolling through out the rural district round the clock with a view to prevent offenses and to detect crimes. The ‘SPIDER’ system will be under the direct of control of the District Police Chief and the Circle Inspector will be the officer responsible for the effective movement of the ‘SPIDER’ vehicles round the clock All the ‘SPIDER’ vehicles will be under the control of the District Spider Control Room and they will issue appropriate directions and instructions to Officers in the ‘SPIDER’ vehicles under direct intimation to the District Police Chief, Ernakulam Rural,Aluva The Spider control room will pass on the information received in the police control room and the spider vehicles should take prompt and appropriate action and they will intimate the matter to the District Police Chief, Ernakulam Rural.