Operation Peacekeeping

"Operation Peacekeeping" is a project started in Ernakulam Rural District to monitor criminals on a regular basis and check whether they are violating bail conditions and take necessary follow-up action. The project started under the leadership of District Police Chief K. Karthik IPS and it is being implemented successfully in the district.

The Ernakulam Rural District Police is creating a new paradigm for the criminal surveillance system by cancelling the bail and imprisonment of those who re-offend by violating the bail conditions. Thirty-five violators were released on bail and jailed within a year of starting the project. This includes regular criminals and goons. After obtaining bail with court conditions, those who violate it and re-offend are reported to the relevant courts and then action is taken. The report has been filed against 116 such persons.


  • Immediate action against violators of bail conditions.
  • Warning to the Defendants that Violation of the Bail Bond could lead to serious circumstances.
  • Defendants can be closely monitored.