Operation Possession Hunt

'Operation Possession Hunt' is a project being implemented in Ernakulam Rural District to track down illicit assets acquired through drug trafficking. The project led by district police chief K Karthick IPS, aims to take a decisive step to uproot the drug trafficking network. The Rural District Police has been at the forefront of tracking down the assets of drug traffickers.

The project aims to extend a thorough investigation to each link and take exemplary action against the culprits through scrutiny. The following steps have been taken under this scheme in various cases in the district

  • 4.10 lakh was seized from the accused in the Kallurkadu cannabis case.
  • Five cents of land in the name of the accused's wife was seized in a case of seizing 105 kg of cannabis from Angamaly.
  • 5 cents of land in the name of the wife of the accused in the case of seizing 103 kg of cannabis from Angamaly was confiscated.
  • Details of property seized in a case of seizure of cannabis and hashish oil from a car parked in the parking area of ​​Karayamparamba Federal City Tower-
  • Sixty-five thousand rupees of the first accused, two cars and a bike
  • Eight and a half lakh rupees in the account of the third accused, a scooter and a car in the name of his wife
  • Sixty-three thousand rupees of the fourth accused
  • Seventh accused earned Rs 29 lakh from drug trafficking, five and a half cents land, house, car and Rs 50,000 in his account.
  • The bike of the eighth accused and thirty one thousand rupees
  • Thirty-five thousand rupees of the tenth accused
  • In addition, twelve accounts of the accused were found in various banks, frozen and about ten vehicles were seized.
  • Action is being taken vigorously against other cases and accused arrested in the district.