"Navajeevanam" is a program initiated by the Ernakulam Rural Police to help individuals involved in crime, whether knowingly or unknowingly, break free from their criminal attitudes and reintegrate into mainstream society.

Programs were conducted at various stations throughout the district as part of this initiative. Awareness was raised through classes, seminars, and counseling sessions. The primary goal is to offer guidance to individuals who have committed a crime, are enrolled in the program, to prevent them from re-offending.


Operation Possession Hunt

'Operation Possession Hunt' is a project being implemented in Ernakulam Rural District to track down illicit assets acquired through drug trafficking. The project led by district police chief K Karthick IPS, aims to take a decisive step to uproot the drug trafficking network. The Rural District Police has been at the forefront of tracking down the assets of drug traffickers.

The project aims to extend a thorough investigation to each link and take exemplary action against the culprits through scrutiny. The following steps have been taken under this scheme in various cases in the district

  • 4.10 lakh was seized from the accused in the Kallurkadu cannabis case.
  • Five cents of land in the name of the accused's wife was seized in a case of seizing 105 kg of cannabis from Angamaly.
  • 5 cents of land in the name of the wife of the acc...

Operation Peacekeeping

"Operation Peacekeeping" is a project started in Ernakulam Rural District to monitor criminals on a regular basis and check whether they are violating bail conditions and take necessary follow-up action. The project started under the leadership of District Police Chief K. Karthik IPS and it is being implemented successfully in the district.

The Ernakulam Rural District Police is creating a new paradigm for the criminal surveillance system by cancelling the bail and imprisonment of those who re-offend by violating the bail conditions. Thirty-five violators were released on bail and jailed within a year of starting the project. This includes regular criminals and goons. After obtaining bail with court conditions, those who violate it and re-offend are reported to the relevant courts and then action is taken. The report has been filed against 116 such persons...