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Cyber Crime Enquiry Cell, Ernakulam Rural is functioning under the DySP, DCRB, Ernakulam (R). Cyber Crime Enquiry Cell, Ernakulam Rural is ought to give technical support and advice over every cyber related matters and crimes, that being reported in the district. Major Cyber Crimes reported in the district are as follows.

Email account Hacking/abuse
Online Cheating/ Frauds
Abuse over other social networking sites
Web site hacking/defacing/Content theft
Disseminating obscenity over social networking sites/ applications
Face Book account Hacking/fake account/abuse
Mobile Phone abusing

In view of public interest, the Cyber cell is imparting Cyber Crime Awareness classes under the aegis of Janamaithri Police, various other organizations, School/ College Managements, with prior permission from the District Police Chief, Ernakulam Rural. As of now, more than 500 Classes were imparted to various schools and organizations by the Cyber Cell Staffs. If any Organizations/ school managements would like to conduct classes, they can approach the concerned Police Station SHOs. For more details, please communicate with us, through our contact number ( 24 hrs) 9497976005

Cyber Cell is authorized to

In pursuance of the instructions from DPC, Ernakulam(R), Cyber Cell is not receiving petitions directly. Normally, those petitioners approaching cyber cell are directed to submit the petition before the District Police Chief and from DPC, Cyber cell will receive the petition for investigation/ enquiry

Normally, Police stations in the District, on receipt of any petition in which cyber aspects pertains to, contacts cyber cell for assistance. As per the instruction from the then District Police Chief, no petitions are being received in the Cyber Cell directly since June 2013

Cyber Cell is authorized by the District Police Chief, to obtain Call Details Records and IP (Internet Protocol) address details, from various Service Providers to cater the needs of crime investigation by various Police Stations in the District.

IT certificates that to be submitted to various courts are also being handled by the Cyber Cell.

Cyber Cell is authorized to look after all the Cyber security matters of the entire district.

Cyber Cell personnel used to render supports to all the Police Stations, while seizing and acquiring any computer or its peripherals, as part of investigation.

Last updated on Sunday 8th of May 2022 PM