Operation Dark Hunt is a project conceived and implemented by Ernakulam Rural District Police Chief K Karthik IPS to ensure a peaceful life for the public. The objective of the scheme is to take exemplary action against the perpetrators who are obstructing the maintenance of law and order and the independent life of the people.

   The scheme, which aims to imprison goons, drug mafia and other anti-social elements, has received widespread acclaim. As part of this, action was taken against several goons under the Kappa Act. The action is taken on the basis of the report submitted by the district police chief against those who repeat the crime again after being convicted of it.

   Kappa is prosecuted by constantly collecting information on the cases of criminals and monitoring them closely. As the part of Operation Dark Hunt, Kappa has so far jailed 45 convicts under the law. 31 people were deported. Several criminals are also under surveillance.


   The plan led to the suppression of goonda activities.
   The number of persistent offenders has decreased.
   Crime rates have also dropped.
   The perpetrators became aware that they were being monitored by the police.

Last updated on Sunday 8th of May 2022 PM