The world seems to be shrinking thanks to modern telecommunications, which enables us to send messages across the globe in an instant. Telecommunication is the use of technology to send and receive informations such as voice, pictures and data over long distances. The devices that make this possible include wireless equipment, computer and satellite etcetera

Kerala Police Telecommunication is the backbone of the Police Force in the State. The Police Telecommunication wing is the Communication and Technical wing of the Police Department. Telecommunication unit is entrusted with upkeep and maintenance of all communication channels and equipments. To provide Telecommunication network to the day to day policing in the District, there functioning a telecommunication unit in the district under the supervision of Inspector of Police, Telecommunication.

Police Telecommunication is functioning as per the Rules and Procedures of Government of India viz. Wireless and Telegraphic Act 1932, Radio Procedures and relevant Manuals. The basic duties and responsibilities of this Unit are to provide Telecommunication network to the day to day Policing in the Districts, to maintain the equipment and to repair the same through regular monitoring. We also have our independent Training wing and Maintenance and Repair Workshop. Our other important duties include installation of special communication systems for VVIP Security bandobust, Sabarimala Festival season, Election duties, disaster management and grave Law and order situations etc.

Police Telecommn. Wing is the backbone of Police Force in the state. We are carrying out the operating of Trunk Line Commn. (VHF Low Band ), District Control Room (VHF and UHF )commn., CoB Network(Intranet Computer Network system),POLNET System( Satellite commn.) and HF System ( Sending and receiving messages through MORSE CODE). Moreover the maintenance of Wireless Eqpts and accessories at all Police Stations/Offices in the state are conducting by this wing.

Last updated on Sunday 8th of May 2022 PM