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The Kodanad Police Station was formed and opened on 05.08.1987 vide GO.Rt. 2154/87/Home dtd 04-07-1987 and station shifted to the new building on 21-02-1999 as per GO. Rt.5573/98/Home dtd 29-12-1998.Before this the station was working as OP under Perumbavoor Police Station. The station building situated in 45 cents of land in survey No.331/6A,331/6B of Kodanad village, Koovappady Panchayath owned by Police Department.

Kodanad Police Station was started functioning from 1987. The station is situated 10 kmaway from Perumbavoortown in north-east direction and 6 km noth from Kuruppampady Town .The famous “Elephant Cral” is situated I km east from the police station . Kodand Police Station building is situated at Kurichilakodu junction where Keezhillam –Kurichilakodu road is joined to the Vallam- Alattuchira road.

This Police Station is coming under the jurisdiction of Perumbavoor Sub Division.

Photo of Kodanad Police Station

Jurisdiction details

Kodanad Police Station Jurisdiction border comes Eastern and southern side Kuruppampady PS Northern side Kalady PS Western side Perumbavoor P.S

Parliament constituency and Legislative Assembly

Kodanad Police station jurisdiction belongs to Chalakudy Parliamentary Constituency and in Perumbavoor Assembly Constituency

Important establishments and institutions

  • Primary HelthCenterKodanad
  • Primary HelthCenterMudakkuzha
  • Govt. Ayurveda Hospital Cheranalloor
  • Govt. Ayurveda Hospital Mudakkuzha
  • Govt. Homeo Hospital Mudakkuzha
  • Govt. Vetenary Hospital Kodanad
  • Agriculture Office Koovappady
  • Agriculture Office Mudakkuzha
  • Ass. Engineer,KSEB Office Koovappady
  • Divisional Forest office Kodanad
  • Forest Range Office Kodanad
  • Koovappady Village
  • Kodanad Village
  • Post Office E. Imury
  • Post Office Imury- Kavumpuram
  • Post Office Elampakappilly
  • Post Office Kodanad
  • BSNL Office Koovappady
  • Govt. H S School Cheranalloor ( Imury ) +2
  • Govt. H School Cheranalloor (Imury )
  • Govt. Poly Technic Koovappady
  • Govt. L. P. School Koovappady
  • Govt U P School Imury - Kavumpuram
  • GanapthyVilasam H School Koovappady
  • Mar Augan H School Kodanad
  • Govt. L P School Kurichilakkod
  • Govt. L P School Kodanad
  • Govt. L P School Vaniyappilly (Meempara)
  • Govt. U P School Mudakkuzha Near- Panchayath
  • Govt. H S SAkanad (+2 )
  • Govt. H School Akanad
  • Govt. L P School Akanad
  • Marthoma L P School Imury- Muttam
  • S N D P L. P. School Kodanad (chettinada)
  • St. Mary’ s L P School Alattuchira
  • St. Ann’s English medium School Imury
  • ViswaJyothy English medium School (Backside thottuva church)
  • St Xevier L P School Cheranalloor (near church)
  • S N D P U. P. School Edavoor
  • Mary Matha L P School Kayyuthiyal
  • St. George L P School Koodalappad
  • Union Bank Of India, Koovappady
  • Koovappady Service Co-Operative Bank
  • Cheranalloor Service Co-Operative Bank
  • Kodanad Service Co-Operative Bank
  • Mudakuzha Service Co-Operative Bank)
  • Agriculture Development Bank ,Alattuchira
  • Union Bank Of India, Chundakuzhi

Major Hindu Temples and festivals

    1. SreeSankara NarayanaTemple,Edavoor – Kavady

    2.SubramanyaSwamy Temple, Chettinada-Kavady

  • Kodanad Siva Temple
  • ChettinadaSubramanyaSwamy Temple
  • MayoorapuramSreeDarmaSastha Temple
  • Edavanakavu Devi Temple
  • ThottuvaDhanawnthary Temple
  • SreeSubramanyaSwamyTemple,Akanad
  • Janarekshakesawary Temple, Akanad
  • EdavanakavuBhadhrakaly Temple
  • MundapillyKavu Temple
  • KoottupuramMahavishnu Temple
  • Kuttanalloor Devi Temple
  • SreeDarmaSasthaTemple,Elambakapilly
  • SreeDurgaTemple,Kavumpuram
  • SreeAyyappa Temple, Kallumala
  • Pisharickal Devi Temple
  • ChelattukavuBhagavathy Temple
  • SreeMahadevaTemple,Aimury
  • MahaGanapathyTemple,Aimury
  • SreeSankara Narayana Temple, Edavoor
  • Kaperukavu Temple, Edavoor
  • Koduvaelipady Devi Temple
  • MahadevaTemple,Kallam
  • ThevarmadamMullackalSevaSangam
  • Anakal Devi Temple, Kurichilakodu


  • St. Geroge Church, Nedumpara
  • St. GerogeYacobit Church, Alattuchira
  • St. Mary’ Church ,Akanad
  • NithyaSahayamathaChurch,Ayathupady
  • St. Geroge Church, Kayuthiyal
  • Koodalapad Church
  • St. Joseph Church
  • St. Antony’ s Church, Kurichilakodu
  • St, Xavier Church, Cheranalloor
  • Holly Family Church, Mankuzhi
  • Mar.AuganYacobitChurch,Chettinada
  • Cheranalloor Church


  • Muslim JemaAthu,Edavoor
  • Thaikavu, Edavoor
  • JumaMasjith, Kurichilakodu

Names of Colony

  • Ambedker
  • Puliampilly
  • Vadakampilly
  • Asokapuram
  • Kokamattom
  • Thekekudy
  • Kudimadam
  • Ochanthuruthu
  • Settlement
  • Velan
  • Kurichilakodu
  • Kumarapuram
  • Panamkuruthottam
  • Embakodu
  • Nedumpara
  • Mundanthuruthu
  • Kalapara
  • Punnalam
  • Velarmaly
  • Kaduvalachal
  • Kalkunnel
  • Pathiyaiparambu
  • Pattalathitta
  • Kayuthiyal
  • Molathu
  • Chalin
  • Kallumala
  • Chudalaparambu
  • Houset
  • Mylachal
  • Cheerangara
  • Perngadwest
  • PerangadEast
  • Chundakuzhi
  • Nedumkanni
  • Meempara
  • Kannancherymugal
  • Anakal west
  • PettamalaAmbedkar
  • 4 cent colony Pettamala
  • Kannancherymugal 4 cent colony
  • ChundakuzhiLakshamveedu
  • Kakkattumalil
  • Snehatheeram,Elembakappilly –Reg.No.ER.839/06/1580/09Snehatheeram Elembakappilly –Reg.No.ER.839/06/1580/09
  • Bethlehem Abhayabhavan ,Koovappady
  • Reg.No.ER 225/2000/778/08
  • Jesus BhavanSehiyonOottusala,Cheranalloor
  • Reg.No.ER 548/09

Transportation-main road

Main transporting facility is capable through Vallam- Alattuchira road and KeezhillamKurichilakodu road by bus services.

Rivers and Main cultivation

River Periyar is passing through the northern side of the jurisdiction

Main Projects through the Police Station

Women Help Desk

With the help of women help desk women who are came to Police Station are getting a huge relief and functioning in good manner.


An elder friendly Officer is giving aid to senior citizens in the station limit.

Clean Campus Safe Campus

As part of Clean campus safe campus High schools introduced by Govt. of Kerala, the programme is effectively implementing in all most Schools functioning under this P.S limits in a good manner. The goal of ‘Clean Campus and Safe Campus’ is to prevent using injurious/pshycotraffic drug substances by students and the effective implementation of the programme could achieve the goal to a great extent.

Sanctioned Strength of Kodanad Police Station
Sub Inspector Asst.Sub Inspector Senior Civil Police Officer Women Senior Civil Police Officer Civil Police Officer Women Civil Police Officer
2 2 7 0 20 3