The Mulanthuruthy Police Station is situated near Mulanthuruthy Karavattaycruz junction on Piravom-Nadakkavu road. The Station was formed and opened in 08.06.1974.Since then it has been functioning in the building situated in 1 acre 1 cent of land in survey No.163/02 of Mulanthuruthy Village. This Police Station was under the jurisdiction of Piravom Circle and Muvattupuzha Sub Division in Ernakulam Ruaral Police District.

Border Police Stations

Mulanthuruthy Police Station jurisdiction border comes East side Piravom Police Station, South East side Velloor Police Station in Kottayam District,South side Thalayolaparambu Police Station in Kottayam District,West side Udhayamperoor Police station in Kochi City,North side Chottanikkara Police Station and Puthancruz Police Station.

This Police Station is coming under the jurisdiction of Muvattupuzha Sub Division.

Photo of Mulanthuruthy Police Station

Parliament and Legislative constituency

Parliament constituency - Kottayam

Legislative Assembly - Piravom





Important establishments and institutions

  • Govt.Hospital Mulanthuruthy
  • A.P.Varkey Mission Hospital,Arakkunnam
  • Varsha Hospital,Mulanthuruthy
  • Mulanthuruthy Panchayath Office
  • Mulanthuruthy Village office
  • Sub Registrar office Mulanthuruthy
  • Sub Treasury ,Mulanthuruthy
  • Govt.Vetinary Hospital,Mulanthuruthy
  • Amballoor Panchayath Office
  • Village office
  • Edakkattuvayil Panchayth Office
  • Edakkattuvayil Village office
  • BSNL office,Mulanthuruthy
  • KSEB Arakkunnam
  • CGLP School,Mulanthuruthy
  • UPS,Perumbilly
  • St.Francies UPS
  • St.Pouls H.S,Veliyanadu
  • UPS,Edakkattuvayil
  • LPS,Kanayekkode
  • LPS,Kaippattor
  • St.Ignatious H.S,Kanjiramattom
  • LPS,Parpamcode
  • St.Mary's LPS,Ezhippuram
  • LPS,Mankadappilly
  • LPS,Chethikkode
  • LPS,Arayankavu
  • St.George.H.S,Arakkunnam
  • St.George LPS,Arakkunnam
  • St.Thomas LPS,Vettikkal
  • Baselious Vidyanikerthan school
  • St.Gregorious English medium school,Mlthy
  • Hail Mary English Medium School,Perumbilly
  • Govt.HSS,Mulanthuruthy
  • Govt.Higher Secondery,Mulanthuruthy
  • Govt.HS,Pulikkamali
  • Govt.JBS,Amballoor
  • Govt.UPS,Veliyanadu
  • Govt.UPS,Keechery
  • Govt.Technical,School,Thuruthikkara
  • GOVT.UPS,Karikkode
  • St.Joseph,H.S,Chethikkode
  • KMJ Public School, Kanjiramattom
  • Nirmala Arts & Science College,Mulanthuruthy
  • ToCH Engineering Kollege, Arakkunnam

Major Hindu Temples

  • Shaktikavu bhagavathi Temple,Puthuvassery
  • Thirumarayikulam Shiva Temple,Chethikkode
  • Arayankavu Bhagavathy Templae,Arayankavu
  • Vezhathumyalil Sreekrishna Temple
  • Umakulangara Temple,kulittikkara
  • Narasiham Swami Temple,Kaippattoor
  • Pallikkavu Bhagavathy Temple,Kaippattoor
  • Churakuzhiyathumparambil Bhagavathy Temple,Edakkattuvayil
  • Annapoorneswary Temple,Mulanthuruthy
  • SNDP Subramanya Swami Temple,Amballoor
  • Sree Subramanya Swami Temple,Pulikkamali
  • Kodukali Nada Bhagavathy Temple,Amballoor
  • Korakottu Temple,Mulanthuruthy
  • Puthanpurakkal Sree Darmashaktha Temple,Kulittikkara
  • Sree Narasimha Swami Temple,Perumbilly
  • Vezhathumyalil Bhagavathy Temple,Veliyanadu
  • Malloor Temple,Kaippattoor
  • Pambra Temple,Pulikkamali
  • Thottoor Shiva Temple,Thottoor
  • Sreerama Swami Temple,Thirumarayoor
  • Karikkode Dharama Shaktha Temple,karikkode
  • Mambuzha Shiva Temple,Kulittikkara
  • Oozhakkode Sreekrishna Swami Temple,Chethikkode
  • Shakthikkavu Sreekrishna Swami Temple,Kanjiramattom
  • Veliyanad Ayyapa Temple,Veliyanadu


  • St.Francis Church,Veliyanadu
  • St.George Church,Mannanthuruthil
  • Holy Family Church,Keechery
  • St.Marys church,Thottara
  • St.George Church,Arakkunnam
  • St.George Church,Kunnapilly,Chethikkode
  • St.George Yacobite Church,Kulittikkara
  • Mar Bethen Church,Veliyanadu
  • St.Pauls CSI Church,Veliyanadu
  • St.George Ciriyan Church,Arakkunnam
  • St.George Church,Mangadapilly,Thirumarayoor
  • St.George Church,Koranchira
  • St.Marys Church,Kanayikkode
  • St.Thomas Church,Vettikkal
  • Mar Bethen Church,Veliyanadu
  • Mar Gregorious Church,Perumbilly
  • Marthoman Church,Mulanthuruthy
  • St.George Church,Thirumarayoor
  • St.Ignatious church,Kanjiramattom
  • St.Johns Orthodox Church,Amballoor


  • Kanjiramattom Mosque, Kanjiramattom

Names of SC Colony

  • Thadathil colony,Amballoor Panchayth
  • Ambedkar Colony,Amballoor Panchayth
  • Kulittikkara Colony,Amballoor Panchayath
  • Pathadi Settilment Colony, Amballoor Panchayath
  • Chenanravelil Settilment Colony, Amballoor Panchayath
  • Mannaravelil Colony, Amballoor Panchayath
  • Puthuvaserry Seettilment Colony, Amballoor Panchayath
  • Marithazham settilment Colony, Amballoor Panchayath
  • Manakkattu Settilment colony, Amballoor Panchayath
  • Kanjiramattom Colony, Amballoor Panchayath
  • Amballoor IHDP colony, Amballoor Panchayath
  • Anjivelithazham settilment Colony, Amballoor Panchayath
  • Ezhupuram Colony,Edakkattuvayil Panchayth
  • Chelakkattu Colony, Edakkattuvayil Panchayth
  • Thottur Colony, Edakkattuvayil Panchayth
  • Azhakathur Colony, Edakkattuvayil Panchayth
  • Koovakkappillil colony, Edakkattuvayil Panchayth
  • Parppacode Colony, Edakkattuvayil Panchayth
  • Oruvilakkunnu colony, Edakkattuvayil Panchayth
  • Chengolapadam Colony,Mulanthuruthy Panchayth
  • Injimala 14 cent Colony, Mulanthuruthy Panchayth
  • Injimala 4 cent colony, Mulanthuruthy Panchayth
  • Karikkode colony, Mulanthuruthy Panchayth
  • Pulikkamali Colony, Mulanthuruthy Panchayth
  • Arakkunnam colony, Mulanthuruthy Panchayth
  • Asaripuram Colony, Mulanthuruthy Panchayth
  • Perumpillil settilement colony, Mulanthuruthy Panchayth
  • Mecherikunnu settilment colony, Mulanthuruthy Panchayth
  • Kavumukal colony, Mulanthuruthy Panchayth
  • Mattathamkadavu colony, Mulanthuruthy Panchayth
  • Bethel Karuna Education and Charitable Trust, Koranchira, Mulanthuruthy, Mob-9745190209
  • St.Gregorius Boys Charittable Trust , Vattappara, Mob-9961992702
  • Companion of the Unfortunate (Betheniya Charitable Trust) mulanthuruthy, Mob-9447185530
  • Mahar Sneha Bhvan,Perumbilly,Mob-9447868260
  • Soukhya Sadhan, Chethikkode, Mob. 956774439, 2747138
  • Pelicon Center,Kulittikkara,Kanjiramattom,Mob-9447292859

Projects through this police station

Janamythri Suraksha project

With the help and participation of public Janmythri project is being implementing successfully in mulanthuruthy Police Station. Under the leadership of Community Relations Officer ,10 janmythri beats are functioning at mulanthuruthy Police Station.

All the Janamythri suraksha project activities are controlled by Janamythri Samithy having prominent personalities of this locality as its members who were selected by Inspector of Police and approved by District Police Chief.

Women Help Desk

Women help desk is constituted with the aim of giving assistance in a friendly manner to the women who seek police services. Women help desk provides a huge relief to women who approach the police station for help.

Senior Citizen Help Desk

An elder friendly officer is giving aid to senior citizens in the station limit.

Clean Campus Safe Campus

The Clean Campus Safe Campus program by government of Kerala is effectively implementing in all most all schools functioning under this PS limits. The goal of ‘Clean Campus Safe Campus’ is to prevent consuming of injurious/psychotropic drug substances by students and the effective implementation of the program could achieve the goal to a great extent.

Sanctioned Strength of Mulamthuruthy Police Station
Sub Inspector Asst.Sub Inspector Senior Civil Police Officer Women Senior Civil Police Officer Civil Police Officer Women Civil Police Officer
2 2 8 0 23 4