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The Njarakkal Police Station was formed and opened in 04.02.1884 asper the order of Kochi Government by Gazette Notification. Since then it has been functioning in the building situated in Njarakkal . At the time of opening this Police Station was under the jurisdiction of the Superintendent of Police, Kochi,of which was under the Kochi Government . The present police station building opened on 1984. Later Kerala Government notified Njarakkal Village building No 8/42(A) consists Survey No 121/6,121/16,121/4 shall be the Njarakkal Police station building in 07.11.1985. At the time of opening Edavanakkad, Nayarambalam, Njarakkal, Elamkunnappuzha, Puthuvype villages were included in the Njarakkal Police Station. Now the present police station situated near to the Vypin- Munambom State Highway and it comes under Njarakkal Circle

The SHO charge of this Police Station is under the Inspector of Police from 01.01.2018

This Police Station is coming under the jurisdiction of Aluva Sub Division.

Photo of Njarakkal Police Station

Jurisdiction details

Njarakkal Police Station Jurisdiction, border north side, pallathamkulangara comes under Munambam police station limit, Southern side surrounded by water and it comes under Fort Kochi police station limit, Western side Arabian Sea and Easthern side Vembanattukayal.

Panchayaths and villages


  • Elakunnapuazha
  • Njarakkal
  • Nayarambalam
  • Edavanakad


  • Puthuvyppu
  • Elakunnapuzha
  • Njarakkal
  • Nayarambalam
  • Edavanakad

    Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

    This station comes under Ernakulam Parliamentary constituency and in Njarakkal Legislative assembly.

    Important establishments and institutions

    • Govt Hospital Malipuram, Njarakkal, Edavanakd
    • Govt Ayurveda Hospital Njarakkal, Nayarambalam
    • Govt Homeo dispensary Edavanakad
    • KristhuJananthi PVT Hospital - Perumbilly
    • Mambilly PVT Hospital- Njarakkal
    • Sarada Nursing Home - Nayarambalam
    • Sreyas Hospital Edavanakad
    • Employment Exchange Office Vyppin
    • Marian Enforcement Office Vyppin
    • Puthuvyppu Village Office
    • Post Office Puthuvyppu
    • Post Office Elakunnapuazha
    • Elamkunnapuzha Village office
    • Elamkunnapuzha Panchayath Office
    • KSEB Office Malipuram
    • Water Authority Malipuram
    • KSEB Njarakkal
    • Panchayath Office Njarakkal
    • Village Office Njarakkal
    • Fisheries office Njarakkal, CMFRI- Njarakkal
    • PWD Office Njarakkal
    • Registrar Office Njarakkal
    • Post Office Njarakkal
    • Excise Circle Office Njarakkal
    • Telephone Exchange Vyppin, Njarakkal, Edavanakad
    • Post Office Nayarambalam
    • Sub Treasury Nayarambalam
    • Panchayath Office Nayarambalam
    • Post Office Nayarambalam
    • Village Office Nayarambalam
    • Post Office Edavanakad
    • Panchayath Office Edavanakad
    • Village Office Edavanakd
    • AEO Office Edavanakad
    • Lady of Hope A.T.H.S Vyppin
    • CANOSSA UPS Vyppin
    • SCHSS Ochanthuruth
    • SSSSUP School Ochanthurth
    • IIV UPS Malipuram
    • I.J.U.P.S Ochanthuruth
    • C.M.E.P Ochanthuruth
    • Govt UP School Puthuvyppu
    • SHGUPS Karthedam
    • Govt HSS Elakunnapuzha
    • GLPS Elakunnapuazha
    • ASSISI Vidyanikethan HSS Njarakkal
    • PCLP School Perumbilly
    • MARELLO Public School Perumbilly
    • S.K.V.A L.P School Njarakkal
    • GVHSS Njarakkal
    • Talent HSS Njarakkal
    • St. Mary’s UPS Njarakkal
    • LFHS Njarakkal
    • St. Joseph Public School Njarakkal
    • Fisheries LPS Njarakkal
    • LOBELIA Nayarambalam
    • Devivilasam LPS Nayarambalam
    • St. Joseph LP School Nayarambalam
    • LP Nayarambalam Kadapuram
    • St. George Karmel Public School Nayarambalam
    • SF LPS Nedungad
    • Union UPS Nedungad
    • BVHS Nayarambalam
    • KPMHS Edavanakd
    • Govt UPS Edavnakad
    • HIHS Edavankad
    • SP Sabha LPS Edavanakad
    • St. Ambrose LPS Edavanakad
    • Service Co-operative Bank Edavanakad
    • Service Co-operative Bank Edavanakad
    • Federal Bank - Edavanakad
    • Muthoot Mini Finance Edavanakad
    • Manapuram Finance Edavanakad
    • South Indian Bank Murikumpadam
    • Federal bank Puthuvyppu
    • SBI Puthuvyppu
    • KSFE Njarakkal
    • SBT Njarakkal
    • S.I.B Vyppin
    • Muthoot Finance Vyppin
    • Muthoot Edavanakad
    • SBT Nayarambalam
    • Bank of India Nayarambalam
    • NSCB Nayarambalam
    • Union Bank Malipuram
    • Service Co-operative Bank Nayarambalam
    • Service Co-operative Bank Karthedam

    Major Hindu Temples and festivals

    • Sree Rajarajeswari Mallikarjuna Temple Vyppin
    • Sree Subryamanya Swami Temple Elakunnapuzha
    • Sree Subryamannya Sahodaranagar Temple Elakunnapuzha
    • Sree Mahavishnu Temple Perumbilly
    • Sree Subramanyya Temple Kochamblam
    • Sree Bhagavathy Vilasam Temple Nayaramblam


    • Our Lady Church Vyppin
    • Kurishingal Church Ochanthurhth
    • St.Sebastain Church Puthuvyppu
    • Nithya Sahayamatha Church Valappu
    • St.George Church Karthedam
    • St.Sebastain Church Perumalpady
    • St.Mary’s Church Njarakkal
    • Sacret Heart Church Manattuparambu
    • Kristhuraja Church Njarakkal
    • St. George Church vadel
    • St. Ambrose Church Edavanakad


    • Juma Masjid Edavanakad
    • Juma Masjid Nayarambalam
    • Juma Masjid Malipuram
    • Juma Masjid Puthuvyppu
    • Cherupushpalayam,old age Home Njarakkal (for old age women)
    • Snehatheeram old age home
    • Karunnya Bhavan for boys Edavanakad
    • Karunnya Bhavan for girls Edavanakad

    Transportation- Main Roads

    Vypin Bus stand situated in the southern part of station limit. Gosree bridge connect the Island to Ernakulan city .Western side of the Vyppin island is Arabian Sea .Eastern side is Vembanattukayal, and some boat services provide transportation facility to various small islands in Vembanattu Kayal. Malinakara bridge connects the Island to Trissur District.

    Historical Importance

  • Elamkunnappuzha Temple

    In history it has a prominent role while the Samorin of Kozhikode attacked the kochi kingdom with the help of Portuguese, the king of Kochi ,who absconded and stayed in the temple.

    Tourism importants


    Light house situated near Puthuvyppu beach . It is the one and only light house in Ernakulam District


    The LNG Puthuvype plant situated in the seashore is an important project implemented by Central Government for storage and distribution of Natural Gas. It is a prohibited area and the security provided by CISF.

    Main Projects through the Police Station

    The following projects are functioning in the station limit as part of Government Policy. A special team is formed for the smooth functioning of the below mentioned projects.

    Women Help Desk

    With the help of women help desk women who came to Police Station are getting assistance from women civil police officers in official matters and huge relief.

    Senior citizen Help desk

    An elder friendly Officer is giving aid to senior citizens in the station limit.

    Clean Campus Safe Campus

    The clean campus safe campus programme is effectively implementing in all most all Schools functioning under this police station limits in a good manner.

    Sanctioned Strength of Njarackal Police Station
    Sub Inspector Asst.Sub Inspector Senior Civil Police Officer Women Senior Civil Police Officer Civil Police Officer Women Civil Police Officer
    4 2 10 1 26 6