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The Pothanicad Police Station was formed and opened in the year-1962.Since then it has been functioning in the building situated in 1.05 Acre of land in survey No.854/2 of Pothanicad Village At the time of Opening this Police Station was under the jurisdiction of the Supdt ofPolice Ernakula [R] District of which the present ErnakulamDistrict.At the time of opening Pothanicad ,Varappetty,Kadavoor Paingottoor Villages were included in the Pothanicad Police Station. The Pothanicad police station functioning on 31-01-1962 under the Supdt of Police Ernakulam Rural.

The Pothanicad Police station shifted to new building on 05-09-2008 as per the GO.[Rt]No.2790/2008/Home in survey No.858/1-2,858/1-3, of Pothanicad Village.ThePothanicad Police Station situated with in the limits of Kalloorkad Circle Station

This Police Station is coming under the jurisdiction of Muvattupuzha Sub Division.

Photo of Pothanicad Police Station

Border Police Stations

Pothanicad Police Station jurisdiction boarder comes Eastern side OF Kaliyar Police Station,Northern side Oonnukal and Kothamangalam Police Stations,Western side Muvattupuzha Police Station,and Southern side Kalloorkad Police Station

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court II, Kothamangalam.

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

Idukki Parliament Constituency and Muvattupuzha and Kothamangalam Legislative Assemblies.


  • Pothanicad
  • Paingottoor
  • Pallarimangalam
  • Varappetty
  • Ayavana


  • Pothanicad
  • Paingottor
  • Kadavoor
  • Pallarimangalam
  • Enanalloor

Important establishments and institutions

  • CHC Pothanicad
  • St Thomas Hospital Pothanicad
  • Archana Hospital Paingottoor
  • CHC Pallarimangalam
  • Panchayath Ofiice Paingottor
  • Panchayath Ofiice Pothanicad
  • Panchayath Ofiice Pallarimangalam
  • Electicity office Pothanicad
  • Telephone Exchange Kadavoor
  • Telephone Exchange Chathamattom
  • Telephone Exchange Pothanicad
  • Holy Angels Public School Pothanicad
  • St Marys H.S.Pothanicad
  • St Stephens L.P.S Parambanchery
  • GVHSS,Kadavoor
  • St Xaviers Public School Pothanicad
  • Malik Deena Public School Adivad
  • LPS Koovalloor
  • MLP.School Myloor
  • Irshadiya Public School Koovalloor
  • St Joseph HSS Paingottoor
  • GOVT HSS Chathamattom
  • St Johns HSS Pulinthanam
  • Malik Deenar College Adivad
  • Sree Narayana Gurukulam College ,Paingottoor
  • SBI Pothanicad
  • Union Bank Kadavoor
  • Kadavoor Co-Operative Society[Paingottoor]
  • Service Co-Operative Bank Chathamattom
  • District Co-Operative Bank Paingottor
  • Farmers Co-Operative Bank,Pothanicad
  • Kadavoor Co-Oprative Bank[ Kdavoor]
  • Housing Co-Operative Society,Pothanicad

Major Hindu Temples

  • Siva Temple Koovalloor
  • Sree Devi Temple Paingottor
  • Thripoorath Temple Kalampoor
  • Thrikka Temple,Kalampoor
  • Thrikkepady Siva Temple
  • Siva Temple Pallarimangalam
  • Annapoorneswary Kshethram,Pidavoor
  • SNDP,Temple Madiyoor
  • Siva Parvathi Khsethram,Manippara
  • Subrahmania Swami Kshethram,Kannarathotty


  • St Xaviers Church Pothanicad
  • St Joseph Church Paingottoor
  • Umminikkunnu church,Pothanicad
  • St Johns Church ,Njarakkad
  • St Johns Church Pulinthanam


  • Kalampoor Mosque
  • Jilani Masjid ,Kadavoor
  • Juma Masjid ,Panamkara
  • Cental Juma Masjith Adivad
  • Juma Masjid,Pidavoor
  • Juma Masjid ,Pallarimangalam
  • Juma Masjid ,Madiyoor
  • Juma Masjid ,Manikkinor

Names of SC Colony

  • 90cent colony
  • Veliyankunnu Coloniy
  • LakshamVeedu Colonies[ Kalampoor
  • Chathamattom] Thaimattom colony
  • Love Home,Panamkara,Kadavoor[Women]
  • Badharul Hudha YatheemKhana[boys]Kallirikkumkandom
  • Palliative care centre[men&women]Thrikkepady

Transportation-Main Roads

No Railway Stations are available with in Pothanicad Police Station Limit,only Bus Service are available in the station limits .The nearest towns are Thodupuzha,Kothamangalam and Muvattupuzha

Projects through this police station

Janamythri Suraksha project

With the help and participation of public Janmythri project is being implementing successfully in Pothanicad Police Station. Under the leadership of Community Relations Officer ,10 janmythri beats are functioning at Pothanicad Police Station.

All the Janamythri suraksha project activities are controlled by Janamythri Samithy having prominent personalities of this locality as its members who were selected by Inspector of Police and approved by District Police Chief.

Women Help Desk

Women help desk is constituted with the aim of giving assistance in a friendly manner to the women who seek police services. Women help desk provides a huge relief to women who approach the police station for help.

Senior Citizen Help Desk

An elder friendly officer is giving aid to senior citizens in the station limit.

Clean Campus Safe Campus

The Clean Campus Safe Campus program by government of Kerala is effectively implementing in all most all schools functioning under this PS limits. The goal of ‘Clean Campus Safe Campus’ is to prevent consuming of injurious/psychotropic drug substances by students and the effective implementation of the program could achieve the goal to a great extent.

Sanctioned Strength of Pothanikad Police Station
Sub Inspector Asst.Sub Inspector Senior Civil Police Officer Women Senior Civil Police Officer Civil Police Officer Women Civil Police Officer
2 2 8 0 20 3