Special Juvenile Police Unit, Ernakulam Rural

0484 2623122 dyspcdekmrl.pol@kerala.gov.in


Special Juvenile Police Unit is functioning as per PHQ Circular No.13/2011 and 36/2011 and camp order No.680/2011 in Ernakulam Rural district. The unit comprises DySP DCB as Officer in charge and Inspector of Police Women Cell as assisting officer. Four Police Officers 1) SCPO 9602 P.S. Muhammad Asharaf, 2) CPO 11903 Boban George, 3) WCPO 9388 Dini, 4) WSCPO 10234 Beena.K.V. are the members of Special Juvenile Police Unit . They were given separate training to deal with the queries of child in need of Care and Protection and Juvenile in Conflict with Law. The training organized by KELSA, Social Welfare Department, and Child Line and Police department was attended by the unit to make a clear picture on child rights. All Station House Officers of the police stations are the Members of the Special Juvenile Police Unit and deemed to be the Child Welfare Officers.

This Unit as functioning under the control of the Deputy Superintendent of Police, DCB, Ernakulam Rural.

Anti-Human Trafficking Unit is also functioning at Ernakulam Rural District under the Leadership of Special Juvenile Police Unit

Special Juvenile Police Unit, of this District associated with District Child Protection Unit, Child Welfare Committee, Juvenile Justice Board, Child Line Labour Dept, Education Dept, Health Dept. etc. Conducted monthly review meeting of all these Departments.

As per sec. 107 of Juvenile Justice Act -2015, One officer not below the rank of ASI is appointed in all Police Station as Special Juvenile Police Officer

Jurisdiction and Strength

This Special Juvenile Police Unit has jurisdiction through out the Ernakulam Rural Police District. The new strength of this unit, Ernakulam is Dysp , DCB - Officer in Charge, CI, Women Cell- Assinting Officer, & 4 CPOs/ SCPOs (2 WCPOs must)

Activities of Special Juvenile Police Unit

Other Duties Performed By Special Juvenile Police Unit
  • Rescue & Rehabilitation of Child Victims
  • Counseling
  • Visiting of Schools , Colonies , Orphanages etc
  • Conduct awareness classes for women and children
  • Shadow patrolling at Railway Stations, Bus Stands, Pilgrim Centers, Tourist Places etc
  • Petition enquiry

Complaints through Special Juvenile Police Unit, Ernakulam Rural

Members of Special Juvenile Police Unit and phone number, Ernakulam Rural
  • Sri. Muhammad Asharaf - 9846267127
  • Sri. Boban George - 9497913894
  • Smt. Dini - 9497916208
  • Smt. Beena.K.V - 9497916504