Various studies have shown that drug use among young people is on the rise. It leads to many deadly diseases and increased crime in the society. "Mission Wipe Out" is a project implemented by District Police Chief K Karthik IPS with the objective of freeing the youth from drug addiction.

Within two years of accomplishment of the mission, a special investigation team led by district police chief K Karthik seized about 800 kilograms of cannabis from the rural district. More than 370 kg of it was seized while being transported on the National Highway in the Angamaly area. The police seized 230 kg of cannabis from Iruvichira area of ​​Perumbavoor, 75 kg from Kompara at Tadiyattaparambu station border, 45 kg from Kallurkadu and 30 kg from a courier smuggled at Perumbavoor. Two kilograms and 300 grams of MDMA were seized from Angamaly and 49 LSD stamps were seized from Perumbavoor during the period. About 70 people were arrested in connection with the incident. Thirty vehicles, including two lorries, were impounded. The properties, bank accounts and vehicles of about 10 accused in the cannabis case were seized. Thirteen cases were registered in connection with large-scale drug seizures. Proceedings against more accused are at various stages.

In each case of arrest, a special team led by SP Karthik is being formed to bring the least accused before law. The Kerala police arrested the Andhra natives, who were the main links in the drug distribution gang. The mission is to annihilate the drug network through strict inspections based on accurate data collection.

Last updated on Monday 9th of May 2022 AM